Riding Jerseys

When I started riding, I used to wear workout t-shirts. I soon realized that while they were fine for general physical activities, it’s a good idea to invest in a proper riding kit.

Cycling jerseys serve several specific functions. They’re typically made of a fabric designed to wick sweat away from the body, keeping one cool and dry during riding. Additionally, they generally have elasticized pockets on the back to hold food and other items, as well as full-length zippers for ventilation. They usually feature a tight fit to reduce wind resistance while riding, and have vivid designs making them more visible to cars and other cyclist.

Depending on what you choose to get, you can end up spending a little or a lot on cycling jerseys.

When I started riding, I got my riding kit from Decathlon. They sell cycling jerseys for in the range of SGD15 to SGD60 and while they serve the purpose, don’t have the greatest fabric (something that I didn’t realize until I upgraded my kit). I’d spent SGD25 on the jerseys that I’d gotten from there, and for a few weeks, they served the purpose.

I soon looked for alternatives, primarily because I was looking for a larger range of designs, and found Santic. I purchased mine off Amazon, paying around SGD60 for each jersey, and immediately noticed the difference in fabric and comfort. The fabric is a bit heavier and grips the skin better than what Decathlon offers, and comes in a range of cooler designs.

The big jump was when I moved to MAAP jerseys, which are now my go-to jerseys. MAAP is a Melbourne based company who take great pride in their cycling gear. They produce, without a doubt, what I would rate as the most comfortable jerseys that I have worn, and give you the premium feeling of the price that you’ll pay for them. I’ve always bought them on sale, typically spending around SGD150 to SGD225 for a jersey.

Today, my kit is made almost entirely of MAAP jerseys, and I have retired my Santic and Decathlon gear. They will remain my choice of jersey in the foreseeable future, while I continue to look out for sales to get a good deal on them.

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