Pikes Element Ultraman Edition

The Pikes Ultraman edition is my commuter bike. It offers the convenience of foldability which makes it perfect to store at home, in the office, and take on public transport. It also has a handy clamp which allows me to load a bag in front to carry my entire day’s requirements securely.

The bike is well-made and feels sturdy while riding, even on rough terrain with a big guy like myself. The tri-fold mechanism is easy to use allows one to quickly collapse the bike into a compact size, making it perfect for commuting, and for storing in small spaces.

The multi-use tires offer one the versatility to switch between road and off-road biking with ease, and the adjustable seat and handlebars make it comfortable for riders of all sizes.

The Pikes Element is reliable, portable, and a fun mode of transportation. It’s an awesome investment for both casual riders and serious cyclists.


  • Frame – Front Hi Technology Chromolly 4130 & Rear triangle frame hi ten steel
  • Speeds – 6 Speed Internal Hub Sturmy Archer 3 Speed, External 2 Speed
  • Wheel – 16″ X 1-3/8 Aluminum Wheels (349)
  • Bottom Bracket – Square Tapered
  • Seatpost – Lightweight Aluminum Seatpost
  • Handlepost – Curve, Max Load: 100 kg, Weight: 13 kg, Include Front Carrier Block, Rear Rack and Fenders

Measurements (cm)

  • Length – 150
  • Width – 53
  • Height – 103
  • Weight – 12.9Kg
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