Shimano Riding Shoes and Cleats

Riding shoes are an important part of a cyclist’s kit. I use Shimano cycling shoes with the SPD system. I have a pair in black, and in white.

Riding shoes have stiff soles that allow for a better transfer of energy from the rider’s feet to the pedals, which can result in increased speed and better performance. Additionally, riding shoes often have cleats that clip into the pedals, providing a secure connection and allowing for a more efficient pedal stroke. In contrast, regular athletic shoes have flexible soles that can make it difficult to transfer power to the pedals, and they lack the cleat system that allows for a more efficient pedal stroke.

Modern riding shoes typically come with BOA systems – a type of lacing system that uses a dial and a series of cables to adjust and secure the fit of the shoe. The dial is located on the shoe’s upper, and when it is turned, it tightens or loosens the cables, which in turn adjusts the fit of the shoe. This allows the rider to easily adjust the fit of the shoe while riding, without having to stop and tie laces.

One of the main benefits of BOA systems is that they allow for a more precise and secure fit. The cables can be adjusted to provide a snug fit around the foot, which helps to keep the shoe securely in place and prevent any slipping or sliding. This is especially beneficial for high-intensity riders where a secure fit is essential. Additionally, BOA systems are typically more durable and easier to use than traditional laces, do not require any maintenance, and eliminate situations where laces get tangled in the chain drive.

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